Restaurant 1910

1910 is an Italian-Mediterranean restaurant located in the historic Rishonim Yard complex, a beautiful space belonging to the group of first buildings erected in Kibbutz Degania Alef. The entrance to the compound reveals a row of stone structures steeped in local history ,which encompass a quaint lawn and palm trees.
The concept behind the restaurant was born out of the shared love of hospitality, people and food between chef Oded Schwarzbard, Alon Hadar, and Shachar Hochler. 

מנת תמנון בצלחת

On The plate

1910 offers delicious, fresh, quality food made with skilled hands, a loving heart, and a spark of something extra from the chef. It is a seasonal menu which changes and offers a wide variety of dishes, from spreads in an Italian stone oven, seafood and fish on the plancha, handmade pastas in comforting sauces, to unique desserts made by confectioner Basmat Wiener-Schwarzbard.

Private Events

At the restaurant

1910 can host small, private or business events from 30 to approximately 70 guests. The events take place in the afternoon when the restaurant is not open to the public and is exclusively available to event guests.

Intimate 1910

An intimate, personalized culinary experience that brings the flavours and atmosphere of 1910 to your living room.