Restaurant 1910

1910 is an Italian-Mediterranean restaurant located in the historic Rishonim Yard complex, a beautiful space belonging to the group of first buildings erected in Kibbutz Degania Alef. The entrance to the compound reveals a row of stone structures steeped in local history,which encompass a quaint lawn and palm trees.
The restaurant exudes a warm and homely atmosphere, whilst simultaneously operating as a tight culinary institution that maintains strict standards as befitting a contemporary chef restaurant.
The concept behind the restaurant was born out of the shared love of hospitality, people and food between chef Oded Schwarzbard, Alon Hadar, and Shachar Hochler.
The menu is constructed in a way that encourages sharing among the table members and thus gives guests the opportunity to tailor their meal to the fullest, allowing for a varied and interesting taste experience.
The owners of the restaurant believe in quality service and have made it central to the dining experience with the goal of making diners feel as if they were in their own private kitchen.
The staff of 1910 embody professionalism, efficiency, and pleasantness, providing service that arrives at just the right moment and preserves the intimacy that develops between the diners.
The seating areas in the restaurant include a cozy interior space, lit by warm lighting that allows a glimpse into the kitchen, additional seating on the terrace that faces the flowering courtyard, and the more intimate high-seating at the bar which guarantees pampering and luxury..

On a plate

1910 offers delicious, fresh, quality food made with skilled hands, a loving heart, and a spark of something extra from the chef. It is a seasonal menu which changes and offers a wide variety of dishes, from spreads in an Italian stone oven, seafood and fish on the plancha, handmade pastas in comforting sauces, to unique desserts made by confectioner Basmat Wiener-Schwarzbard.
Along with the seasonal dishes, there are also iconic dishes that are have been with the restaurant since its conception, such as Israeli “gnocchi” (stuffed with meat), corn polenta, fillet of barak with green risotto and stone, classic gnocchi with chestnuts and asparagus, pizza rome with pepperoni and eggplant, and eggplant Rustic.

Behind the bar

1910 believes in the development of Israel’s blossoming wine culture so you will find a wide variety of Israeli wines (most of them from the north of the country) on the menu, along with imported wines from the best wine regions of Italy at reasonable prices. The wines were carefully and lovingly selected to compliment the menu. In addition, there is a richly stocked drinks bar which will open your mind and warm your soul.

Our chef

Chef Oded Schwarzbard arrived at Kibbutz Degania Alef together with his partner Basmat, a native of the kibbutz, following the desire to leave Tel Aviv for the tranquility of rural life, and allow their children to grow at a different pace. With the transition, the desire to realize a long-held dream to cook and host people in his own place became stronger. The search for a suitable space sent him far and wide throughout the Jordan Valley, when all along the perfect location was right under their noses. When Schwarzbard’s brother-in-law offered a chance to come and see the unique building in Rishonim’s yard, Oded leapt at it and fell in love immediately. And so, the restaurant was born with a location that became an integral part of it’s charm.
Schwarzbard began 1910 after 20 years working in kitchens in Israel and around the world where he undertook an impressive culinary journey, returning well-equipped with an arsenal of rich and varied experiences, including from the kitchens of Chef Jonathan Rochefeld.
Oded brings something from everywhere he has cooked to create his signature style that combines flavors and textures that elevate the eating experience, without losing the simplicity and purity of the quality raw materials with which he chooses to work.