Stone Oven

Focaccia from the Stone Oven | 25 NIS
tomato with olive oil, white bean dip with herbs and garlic, eggplant cream

Pizza Margherita | 62 NIS
tomato sauce, mozzarella, olive oil, fresh basil

Pizza Roma | 68 NIS
tomato sauce, mozzarella, fresh basil, veal pepperoni, eggplant

Pizza Sicilia | 68 NIS
tomato sauce, mozzarella, fresh basil, artichoke, ricotta fresca, basil oil

Pizza Firenze | 68 NIS
basil béchamel, mozzarella, shimeji mushrooms, smoked goose, arugula, basil oil

1910 Style Beef Gyros  | 66 NIS
authentic seasoned beef, green tahini, tomato salsa, onion & sumac, fresh herbs


Endive Salad | 58 NIS
 arugula, pears in white wine, zucchini, blue cheese, white balsamic vinaigrette, caramelized Hazel nuts

Leaf Salad | 56 NIS
lettuce, mizuna, roasted roots, blueberries, pecans & seeds, sanite-maure, raspberry vinaigrette

Tomato Salad | 58 NIS
colorful tomatoes, radish, fresh herbs, Tulum cheese, olives crumble, olive oil & lemon

Artichoke Agnolotti | 72 NIS
oregano butter, white wine, garlic and cherry tomato, parsley, parmesan

Risotto Zucca | 66 NIS
pumpkin cream, brown butter, sage and garlic, crispy peas, white wine, parmesan

Potato Gnocchi |  58 NIS
asparagus and chestnuts, sage & garlic butter, black truffle paste, white wine, shaved parmesan

Corn Polenta | 54 NIS
corn and asparagus, black truffle paste, parmesan, basil-olive oil

Aglio e Olio Linguine | 72 NIS
confit tomatoes, artichoke, chili pepper, calamte olives, aromatic herbs, garlic and white wine

Fish and Seafood

Red Tuna Tartar | 64 NIS
changes every week

Calamari a la Plancha | 68 NIS
grilled Kohlrabi carpaccio, crème fraîche and horseradish, fresh herbs, almonds gremolata

Octopus a la Plancha | 68 NIS
tomato salad, crème fraîche, spring and red onion, fresh herbs, hyssop and sesame seeds, olive oil

Argentinian Shrimp | 68 NIS
beetroot carpaccio, chipotle aioli, roasted onions, arugula and aromatic herbs, basil oil

Shrimp Bowl | 85 NIS
potato puree, tomato confit & kale, oregano & garlic butter, white wine, parsley

Black Linguine | 85 NIS
cream, onion & leek, spinach, asparagus, shrimps, smoked goose, truffle oil

Sea Bass fillet (100 gr) | 79 NIS
labanne, green peas risotto with chestnut and spinach cream, basil-olive oil


Beef Carpaccio | 62 NIS
sliced shallot, sun dried tomato aioli, arugula, olive oil and balsamic, parmesan

Israeli Gnocchi (filled with beef) | 62 NIS
sour cream aioli, grilled cauliflower, beets, red pepper spread, green chili pepper

Beef Ravioli | 68 NIS
sage butter, garlic and white wine, kale and chestnuts, parsley, red wine sauce

Beef Fillet (250 gr) | 148 NIS
potato puree, bok choy, roasted onions, peppercorn sauce

Saddle of Lamb (250 gr) | 158 NIS
pumpkin tortellini, roasted kale and garlic confit, green peas, herbs demi-glace

Salsiccia Italian Sausage (300 gr) | 125 NIS
ratte potatoes in brown butter & wild herbs, asparagus & spinach, demi-glace



Ricotta  Gnudi | 52 NIS
panko-coated ricotta balls, apricot and rosemary coulis, sour cream, almond twill, vanilla ice cream

Choco-Le-Le | 58 NIS
chocolate mousse, poppy financier, hazelnut and chocolate cream, cocoa sauce, toffee caramel, chocolate ice cream, nugget almond biscuit, cocoa twill

Tiramisu | 48 NIS
mascarpone cheese, biscotti, espresso and marsala wine

Panna Cotta "Dolce" (Gluten Free) | 48 NIS
vanilla fudge, mascarpone cream, nuts, passion fruit caramel

Almonds Cream "Mille feuille" (Vegan) | 45 NIS
filo layers, almonds & coconut cream, pears in white wine, pears caramel, caramelized nuts

Chocolate  (Gluten & Sugar Free) | 46 NIS
chocolate mousse, broken almond chocolate, seasonal fruits, berry sauce 

Pantera Rosa | 58 NIS
raspberry mousse, black shortcrust pastry, pistachio crunch, sour cream, berry coulis, seasonal fruit, cacao tuile, white chocolate crumble